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Is your business experiencing IT issues that are not only frustrating but reducing productivity?

If so, you need professional, business-grade IT support from reliable, on-call technicians to fix everything properly and quickly.

Our business IT support services are the ideal solution.

At Design Box Digital, we provide our business clients with flexible on-site or remote support. We have the skills and expertise to get your issues sorted and keep your technology running trouble-free.

Complete Business Digital Solutions

20 Years Experience

Design Box has helped businesses with their IT needs for 18 years.


Office Network Admin is what we excel at. Mac and Windows Based Networks. We make them all talk.

Email Setup and Admin

Whether it's Exchange, 365, G-Suite or Sendgrid, we can troubleshoot all Email related issues. With our extensive knowledge we will make sure none of your emails go missing.


We sell all major brands at great prices. We also can fix PC's, Laptops and Servers.


Security is important. We can monitor all of your systems and patch them before there is an issue.

Remote Support

We provide fast remote support, allowing you to get back to work and not wait around for someone to show up.

    The Top Ten IT issues that most businesses face

    We are familiar with the IT issues that many businesses encounter, and we understand that these can have costly, potentially devastating effects. Here are the top 10 most common issues we help our clients overcome:

    1. Software issues
    2. Microsoft Office 365 issues
    3. Server issues
    4. Faulty computer hardware
    5. Slow computers
    1. Virus and malware
    2. Faulty backups
    3. Email glitches
    4. Internet slowness & dropouts
    5. Outdated hardware and software

    Our experienced technicians can help you and your business overcome these and other tech issues. We have years of experience with the following:

    • Windows servers
    • PCs, laptops, desktops, tablets
    • iMacs and Macbook Pros
    • iPhones and iPads
    • Multifunction business printers and scanners
    • NAS servers
    • Modems and Wi-Fi routers
    • Networking equipment
    • And more…

    Five reasons for getting professional external small business IT support

    Many small businesses are now choosing to invest in external IT support. Why? For these five excellent reasons.

    1. Reduce your IT costs. Only pay for the IT support you need, and save a ton on hiring an in-house technician.
    2. Access the latest technology. As confessed tech obsessives, our team stays updated with the latest tech developments. We ensure we keep our clients informed about new technologies that benefit them by improving efficiency, increasing reliability, and saving them money.
    3. Diverse, qualified expertise. Our technicians have years of experience, giving your business immediate access to true experts with knowledge of all hardware, software, and networking systems.
    4. Increase in flexibility and scalability. As your business evolves and grows, our team can proactively guide you through changes to your IT systems. We can help you shift your tech strategies to support your future business goals.
    5. Time to focus on your business. Leave the IT headache to us and spend your time focusing on your core competencies and business development, such as growing sales, increasing market share, and improving the productivity of your employees.