Kollab is an Australian-based company on the Mornington Peninsula,  that believes in the power of creativity.
They are driven by a desire to find new ways to bring personality and style into every aspect of our lives, whether it be through designing innovative storage solutions or showcasing the work of local creatives. With their signature prints and original designs, Kollab are constantly re-inventing everyday essentials with multifunctional designs for shoppers looking for something more than just your average tote bags, picnic mats or lunch boxes.

Kollab Team

The Challenge

Kollab was finding that retail sales weren’t growing after the launch of their website. They wanted to increase rankings and brand awareness so that they could increase Online sales to full force without skipping a beat during Covid Lockdowns.

Lack of Google Results

Google dominates the search engine market, maintaining a 92.47% market share as of June 2021.

The importance of Google results became apparent to Kollab as their results did not match the investment they were making across their marketing platforms. It is important to consider that 81% of people search online for a product or service, Google paid search marketing is paramount to ensuring sure that your product is placed in the search results on the first one to 3 pages.

Site Speed & Rankings

How many times have you given up on a website site because it is slow? We all want to find answers to our questions quickly and data now confirms that users really care about how quickly pages load.

Kollab’s site was slow in loading which equates to a huge amount of missed opportunities, especially when more than half the visits to the website are abandoned due to the page taking more than 3 seconds to load. Page speed is also an SEO ranking signal for both desktop and mobile, so the speed of your website is a key factor in gaining that competitive edge.

Lack of Sales Growth

In February 2021, Kollab realised they needed some help as their total sales were stagnating and not growing at the rate they had predicted in their annual budgeting.

Covid had also played an important role and highlighted the importance of e-commerce. An easy-to-use e-commerce platform can be pivotal, a sub-standard e-commerce website will hinder your sales significantly. Kollab use Shopify, which is a great platform to work with on SEO and coding performance.

Our Approach

Kollab’s colourful and innovative products already gave us an incredible base to launch and improve on. Our Approach was to focus on the following:

  • Increase SEO on the Website
  • Create, change and consistently review Google Ad campaigns
  • Implement Click Fraud Protection on all ads
  • Introduced and set up the products on Pinterest
  • Add new Sales Channels to Shopify
  • Fix the Shopify website theme to allow the users a more seamless buying experience.

The Outcome

Our biggest success is the increased sales growth that all the elements we improved have helped achieve.

  • We increased the sales by 200% from July 2021
  • Improved the website speed to a Google Speed insights rating of 95
  • Reduced bounce rates significantly with Click Fraud Protection
  • Reduced the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
  • Fixed coding issues with the Shopify Theme that increased indexed pages
  • Our new and proven Google Adwords campaign increased page rankings leading to an increase of sales and rankings.

We continue to monitor, maintain, improve, and partner with Kollab to transform its digital marketing portfolio.

Speed Insights
Search Console

Kollab Continues to Grow…

With a strong online presence, Kollab see continued growth and are we are currently working on a complete site redesign to further improve sales.

Kollab SEO Case Study