Situated in Camberwell, Victoria, Sight and Sound was established in Melbourne in 2003 as Australia’s first dedicated Bose Store. Sight and Sound Galleria grew the store in 2017 to become a premium dealer and hifi company that offers a wide range of quality audio-visual components and systems including multi-room audio, home theatre and commercial A/V systems.

Sight and Sound Melbourne

The Challenge

Sight and Sound was struggling with Online sales and retail sales weren’t growing. They wanted to increase exposure, rankings and brand awareness so that they could increase Online sales through their website.

No Google Shopping Campaigns

If you’re running a Woocommerce or Shopify store, but you don’t have Google Shopping set up, you’re missing out on sales. A lot of them.

The importance of Google results became apparent to Sight and Sound when competitors were dominating the Google Shopping Results. For retail items, Google Shopping is a must.

Site Function & Key Phrase Ranking

Users were finding it hard to navigate the menu system, use the search function and filters. The site’s internal links weren’t fantastic.

Key Phrase ranking for some brands was good; but they were not ranking for major generic phrases like “Buy Speakers Melbourne”

Minimal Online Sales

During 2020-2021 Online sales were booming. Just not for Sight and Sound. With the lack of correct Advertising setup, they were missing out on sales. The online store is based on Woocommerce, which is highly customisable and a great system to work with. Although, at the time the store was lucky to see one order every couple of days.

Our Approach

Sight and Sound had a stunning product range to work with. This helped us a lot with a site rejuvenation to begin with, then we could tackle the following:

  • Increase SEO on the Website for generic phrases
  • Properly link and setup Google Shopping to run ads
  • Implement Click Fraud Protection on all ads
  • Set up Cloudflare as a cache and a DNS proxy for security
  • Add new payment options to Woocommerce
  • Reduce the cost of advertising by lowering the CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

The Outcome

The biggest success is the increased sales growth Online and in-store.

  • In-store sales increased by 200%
  • Online sales increased over 4200%
  • Configured and Improved Google Merchant Center
  • Reduced bounce rates significantly with Click Fraud Protection
  • Removed hundreds of bad backlinks which were setup by previous SEO
  • Add fuzzy search functions to Woocommerce to improve local search
  • Decreased bad traffic with Firewall Rules

We continue to monitor, maintain, improve, and partner with Sight and Sound to transform their digital marketing portfolio.

Google Analytics

Sight and Sound Galleria Continues to Grow…

With a strong online search presence, Sight and Sound see continued growth in sales every month.

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